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Saturday, June 23, 2007

More yummies!

Well, I'm more or less getting used to having the cute pink braces in me but I can't take hard, sticky or nutty foods. I can, that is if I don't mind them getting trapped in between my teeth or the wires. Therefore, I had been racking my brains to think of what nice foods I can enjoy still in this current state.

One fine afternoon, I got sick of having congee/pandan cake/sponge cake for lunch and I decided to do this soft Strawberries Crepe (above!) to eat! It was definitely something more enjoyable than the usual tasteless porridge. :)

Kampar Kai Chai Paeng (In Guangdong dialect; aka Kampar Chicken Biscuit)
In Chinese it's called: Ji Zai Bing.

Look at how thin they are! (The thinner they are, the crisper and crunchier!)

The yummy Chicken Biscuits without any chicken ingredient in it. And I think this is some nice traditional snack from Malaysia cuz my sis' boyfriend went on a short trip to KL and bought some nice Kai Chai Paeng back for my family and my mum and dad finished the whole pack themselves. Therefore, I attempted this recipe! Had many weird ingredients, some of which include baking ammonia, candied winter melon ("tong tung kwah" in which I mispronounced it and my mom had been laughing at me for several days already) and some scary-looking red fermented beancurd ("nam yee").
But I'd say I had alot of fun during the process of hunting for these funny funny ingredients.
Who would have thought that these delicious cookies were made up using some of these stuffs!

My heart-shaped Chicken Biscuits. Wanted to do something different from the norm so I used my new heart-shaped cookie cutters bought recently from Daiso when I visited Vivo City with Wenjing. Sooo pleased with my buy cuz there are a total of SEVEN different sized heart-shaped cookie cutters and it only cost SGD2.00.

These cookies above are called Melting Moments, so because they melt in the mouths. It has a nice buttery taste, but not too strong, I like! (Cuz I had no difficulty with them unlike the crunchy Chicken Biscuits.)

And now, I shall present to you one of my favourites:

These are Swedish thumbprint cookies, Rosenmunnar. And I really used my thumb to make an indentation before topping the indentation with jam! I LOVE these cookies like hell. They are crispy-enough, with a slight eating-a-Sugar-Cookie kind of feeling and with the jam, it tasted so right. YUM. :)
Even my sis said: "This is very nice!"

Anyways, I'm really trying to learn to appreciate and treasure the little pleasures in life. :)
All thanks to my great mom.
Ever since I put on my braces, I was feeling skeptical about getting a temporary assignment for this holiday.
Chose this period to put it on so I'd have enough time to get used to it before school starts so I won't have trouble with it during the school term and I feel so glad I made this right decision.
It's nearing 3 weeks already and I feel good enough to find a job BUT I won't because I've found that there are many other things more fulfilling and interesting that are waiting for me to do this holiday instead of spending my time cooped up in an MNC office in Raffles Place.
Never in my life have I felt so damn relaxed before.
Really need a good charge before the next hectic semester begins in August whereby all the emo posts will come up again and again. HEH.
And I'm so happy now cuz I just heard a piece of good news from Meifang. :))
Hang on tight okay!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I <3 Muffins!

Been on a baking frenzy recently.


Did these Strawberry Muffins some days ago:

Baked them with fresh and sweet strawberries from the US! :)

My sister and Aaron actually preferred them to the previous Banana Muffins! But my mum thought otherwise. Heh. I actually liked both lah.

Both are really moist and not a tad too sweet! And the best thing about these Strawberry Muffins is that I did not use ANY butter/margarine to bake them! This also means that they are super healthy and delicious at the same time. Heh.

As you can see from the photo above, there seem to be two different types of muffins. You're right! This is one with sugar coating:

I personally preferred the ones with sugar coating cuz they actually have a slightly crunchier top!

Sugar-coated Strawberry Muffins! I love the way they PUFF UP!

And this is one without any sugar coating! (And it tastes as good!)

And I also did another Banana Cake, using a different recipe this time round! Wanted to find The Recipe you see. Heh. And I think I like this one better than the previous one:

Fresh from the oven and my mum couldn't resist it so that slice went to her. Heh.

This is definitely a moist and FLUFFY cake, cuz I used Cake Flour this time round, unlike the All-Purpose flour used previously.

I also made some slight amendments to the recipe, read reviews of others who tried the same recipe and some found it a little too sweet so I reduced some of the sugar! And it tasted perfect!

I also like it being not tooo moist such that it might fall apart. This one's really good! Moist (yet it stays together) and fluffy (soft as a cake) and YUMMY.

Gonna meet Yuting later and I'm bringing down some to let her try also! :))

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bake Bake BAKE!

Oh wells, Jasmin's been in a baking mood these days. :)
I used to have such baking cravings during the school term and never was I able to satisfy those desires. Now that I have all the time in the world, I'm gonna bake till the cows come home. Heh.

Below's my first ever Banana Cake:

Chose this recipe out of several online to try and I was so pleased with the results because it was so moist and delicious! Anyways, the above two slices were for Aaron's mum and sister after he had taken his! Aaron's sis said: "Taste like something bought from the stores outside." Muahaha. I got on a high immediately. :)
My sis felt that it wasn't "banana-ish" enough, but nevertheless still tasty. But I've already added an extra banana instead of following the original recipe's requirement of 2 bananas.
Hmm. Maybe I can try adding another medium one in the next time round.
And now, the following pictures show my First Banana Muffins!

I KNOW. Why the hell is it all BANANAS right.
Friends who know me know that I take 2 bananas every morning for breakfast, and I have them each giap-ed in my 2 slices of wholemeal bread.
But I'm not that insane to bake everything in bananas!

It so happened that the Del Monte bananas I've got at home are riping pretty quickly and nobody's touching them (except for ME), so not wanting them to be thrown away (anytime soon), I got down to do these Banana Muffins. As it's my first time at it, I didn't want to make a dozen at one go in case I screw up the recipe. Therefore, I only baked half a dozen and here they are, fresh from the oven today! :)

By the way, my muffins didn't "pop out" of the paper liners because I was afraid that it might overflow before it gets cooked in the oven and not heeding my mum's kind advice of filling up the liners more, I only filled it to about 3/4 and they expanded quite alot just that the mixture wasn't enough to make it grow out of the liners.

Heh. Yeah, stubborn me. But wells, now I know how it works and I'm gonna bake another half a dozen NOW. :)

Aaron came over just now after we had lunch and he said that it's not bad! My mum also thinks it's very flavorful!

I think these muffins are definitely more banana-ish than the previous Banana Cake and it has got a totally different texture from the cake! It's as moist, but with more banana flavor. Hehe. And yeah, I got on another high instantly after hearing their comments. And cuz I only had 6 just now, I only packed 2 to let Aaron bring back for his mum and sis to munch on. Heh.

Blueberry Muffins are next on my list! :)

P.S. I never knew I could get this happy from baking.

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