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Monday, November 29, 2004

i'm Jasmine! Jasmin is ME!

You are Jasmine from Aladdin!

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

. . .

did not do anything much these days.
i probably did, but just not worth mentioning?
oh. what am i talking about.
never mind.
feeling quite aimless these days.
went for work at unity primary today and it was super duper crowded!
cuz it's the primary one orientation today!
well, it was quite exciting though.
but i felt really haggard after that.
all the "walking up and down" made my soles ache.
hmm. i'll be working at gongshang primary tomorrow.
*crosses my fingers, hoping i won't end at 4pm tomorrow.*
lols. hope to be home early tomorrow.
feel like sleeping already... quite drained out.

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Friday, November 26, 2004


made a terrible mistake today.
i was so upset for the whole day, so worried.
hope everything's gonna be alright.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


finally went for guitar again today.
i was really paranoid about what my instructor has in store for me today.
but, i'm glad everything was fine.
he was pretty cool about me being absent twice in a row.
oh yah. and today, our new batch of 20 guitars arrived!!!!
*grins* all of them smell of rosewood and i just love the smell of new guitars!
and the sectional leaders (which include ME!) had the priviledge of choosing which guitar we want first!
although we are not the exact owners of them, we are asked to bring them home for practicing purposes and it's gonna be tagged with our names so that only US, the temporary owners are allowed to use it! *cheers*
quite happy today afterall cuz i was able to play most of the pieces required today although edris (my assistant sectional leader cum president) had hurt his ankle and could not come.
heh. yup. hmm. i'm beginning to love guitar all over again.
and my instructor was really nice cuz he asked me to bring home one of his spanish guitars (one which has sentimental value somemore.) to try it out and see whether its good.
he knows i'm thinking of getting another guitar and he recommends me his.
as i had my own guitar with me, he was really kind to even send me home!
yup. really love his guitar and if i were to buy it from him, he probably won't charge more than 500 dollars.
although it has some dents here and there, the type of music produced cannot be compared to a brand-new unplayed guitar at all! as it has been played with frequently, the wood has seasoned and thus, the sound produced is bright, clear and simply... beautiful!
really hope i won't have second thoughts about buying his guitar. *wonders*
oh by the way, i'll be working at anglican high school tomorrow!
it has been a long time since i last went back to my secondary school!
hmm. really looking forward.
and i just hope i won't fall asleep again.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

i want MORE!

guess what. i fell asleep at work today.
yea. and i think i slept for about an hour. *faints*
there were less than 20 customers today at naval base primary school!
julie was nice and asked me whether i brought anything along to read.
i took out my storybook and we were both sitting at the table, she doing her crossword puzzles in a magazine and me reading the storybook i brought along.
as i continue reading, i don't exactly even recall what i've just read.
and i just know i was soon lying on the table reading my book.
and moments later, i was at dreamland.
i woke up only when a customer came as i heard julie speaking to her.
well. u can't blame me for falling asleep.
the place we were situated was really so secluded and quiet, and not forgetting to mention a little eerie and dark as well, there were not even a soul in sight.
it was just the two of us. bleah.
never mind. oh. and i think julie's quite nice as well. :)
she's quite friendly and caring. yup!
and her daughter, jamie is really a cutie-pie!
a very pretty young lady who will grow up to becoome like her mom.
why am i talking about all these?
i ought to get into bed now and prepare myself for a possible lecture from my guitar instructor tomorrow.
i've missed two guitar practices in a row already.
hmm. let's see what i'm gonna get from him tomorrow.
wish me luck.

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Monday, November 22, 2004


well, met some unreasonable people while working today but i shan't elaborate about this.
feeling tired after work again.
there were quite a number of people today as well.
oh yah, and i worked with huiyun. heh
thought i'd be working alone (and be bored to death) with melvin and that ah ma.
anyways, everything turned out fine and it ended at 3pm today.
everytime after work, i'd just go back home and s-l-a-c-k all the way.
and i think the holidays are zooming past quite fast actually.
*faints* i'm not prepared to start year 2 next year!
everything's gonna be moving so quickly, just hope i have the time to catch some breath.
hmmm. have to catch up with some work this holiday though.
and i hope i get something done tomorrow after work!
oh. but... i just recalled i have to meet julia at simei mrt station tomorrow @ 7.40am.
and i'm going to naval base at yishun. hmm.
have no idea what and where that place is. never mind.
and i feel like sleeping already. yea. piggie huh.
or else i'll have trouble getting out of bed again!
ciao for now.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

all drained.

whoa. it was the first time i felt SO tired after working.
after working for quite a number of times, i was quite used to doing what i'm supposed to.
but today was really quite hectic.
over there at st. hildas primary school, although it's a "supposedly-beautiful-sunday", there were many people who actually came to buy books, shoes, and obviously, uniforms.
the people came continously, non-stop actually.
therefore, i had to keep walking up and down, left and right.
but it's a good thing as well.
cuz this means that time will pass very quickly!
tomorrow i'll be working at the same place and at the same time again.
wonderful. i'm gonna walk there again. heh
hmm. think i should sleep earlier tonight, although i've took a nap just now.
really drained out these days. bleah.
have to catch back some of my sleep!

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Saturday, November 20, 2004


worked at corporation primary (it's at jurong by the way) with meifang today.
we were supposed to meet julia at 8am at eunos mrt station and she picked us up from there and we zoomed down to jurong together.
today was the orientation of corporation primary but due to the small number of primary one intakes, there weren't many people who came to buy uniforms. hmm.
it was just like the first day of work (at park view primary school), everyone was only busy for a period of time like 2 hours without really catching a breather and that 2 hours just swept passed really quickly!
after that, julia and her mom popped by at gongshang primary so the two of us went there as well to check out huiyun who was working there today. heh.
me and meifang were considered "lucky" today cuz we worked from 9am - 1pm whereas huiyun had to work from 9am - 4pm (or somewhere there is it?).
and we went there to spike her. haha.
anyways, she looked fine.
think she handled the cutomers quite well eh?
oh yah. went for lunch with meifang after that at tm and surprisingly, my mom called and asked whether i'd like to get a new phone.
told her i was still deciding between e600c and e800c.
but apparently, e800c cost like 568 dollars. heh.
after working, i realised that i can't just spend money like using water anymore.
haha. i can feel the pinch now when i spend huge amounts at one go.
so, i decided on getting the e600c instead. (yuting, you must be so damn happy if you see this cuz it means your two cartels are safe and secured! lols)
anyways, i wasn't prepared at all to get a new phone so quickly.
i was indeed making plans of changing my current gd88, but just didn't expect a change so soon.
and i don't think i'm used to it, which is the reason why i still haven't touched it after my mom bought it for me. heh.
still using my old phone now. maybe i'm still attached to it.
never mind. feeling quite tired today.
haven't really recovered fully from the overnight queue.
i'm still tired! didn't sleep much at all.
met daph, est and sf yesterday for dinner where i was sooo late cuz i was still sleeping!
woke up only after est called. oops.
they came to my house for chit-chatting after dinner but couldn't stay long enough for a lonnnnggggggg mahjong session cuz sf's going to taiwan! *frowns*
never mind. at least we had fun during the gathering. hehe
ooh. i'm working at st. hildas primary school tomorrow!
and this means i'm gonna walk there again. haha
hope everything ends early tomorrow. *prays*
think thats all, cuz i seriously think i'm getting more long-winded day by day. heh.

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Friday, November 19, 2004


didn't blog for a few days.
i did not disappear into thin air.
i was just busy queuing up overnight at Creative Resource for its annual Creative Festival sale.
i went with 4 guys from my class. (and zx is one of them =p)
they were really nice, didn't bully me at all. lols.
and i spent one whole night learning how to play the game "bridge" from them.
we made quite a number of friends during that trip and they were all really nice!
we thought we were early already cuz we reached there at 3+ pm on 18th Nov. when the actual sale is on 19th and we were there all for the 5.0 G Muvo2 Fm.
but i guessed there'll always be others who are much earlier.
never mind about this already.
oh yah. and there was this guy from tpjc as well (volleyball captain named Eighten [think it's spelt this way.] cool name eh?) who helped me sell the coupon for the 512Mb mp3 player for 35 dollars i got as the 5.0 G mp3 was already all snapped up and i didn't wanna get that mp3 player.
i bought a bundle from there and i'm really pleased with it! *grins*
it consists of:
- 1.5G muvo2
- a white headphone i've always wanted to buy!
- a 64MB nomad muvo mp3 player
- an arm band for the 64MB mp3 player
cool eh? hmm. now that i know how everything works at their annual sale, how purchases of star buys are being carried out, maybe i'd have a go at it again next year!
it wasn't what i expected at all.
we didn't have to queue up under the hot sun or whatever and there were many toilets available everywhere as we were all queuing up in the Creative Resource building itself.
so, this means that i didn't have to worry about having to go to a toilet in the middle of the night.
anyways, all in all, i'm quite pleased with everything! =p
lalala. really happy today!
although i did not sleep much at all, i still think it's quite worth it.
and i'm working tomorrow so i shouldn't be here any longer!!
and if yuting is reading this, take care whilst you're in taiwan k.
18 days is really long. sleep well and eat well. and have fun! *hugs*
take care girl. ciao!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

what a day.

woohoo. finished my job @ st. hildas secondary school perfectly today!
i was still kinda worried the night before, thinking i'd be alone and what on earth am i gonna do during the whole 6 hours.
but surprisingly, everything turned out fine.
yolande asked another guy (somewhere from sp if i'm not wrong) along today, so that makes the 3 of us there! his name is Jay by the way.
he was really quiet but cracked a few jokes once in a while and it was quite entertaining.
heh. there were not many people today as well. hmmm.
maybe.... less than 35? yea.
so, in other words, during that 6 hours (from 9am till 3pm), the 3 of us were practically chatting our whole way through.
i did not have a chance to read today because i was busy talking instead. oops.
and i met some interesting poeple today.
there was a girl who had a tiny waist like 24 and her mom insisted her on getting a skirt which was XL and that was size 30. *faints* can't believe such parents exist. nutty people.
and then, there was this girl who came in with her mom and wanted to buy a skirt sized S.
her mom insisted on her trying on the M size first before deciding.
and there she was holding on to the sized S skirt soooo tightly and not wanting to let go, and all she could was to keep repeating these words in chinese: "i won't grow fat! i really won't! even if i grow fat, i will go on a diet! i won't grow fat! i don't want M! i want S!"
this really made me fainted. i wanted to look at her disgustingly.
but being the usual angelic jasmin, i did not and simply gave her my million-dollar smile.
although i met such people, they are the ones who contribute in making my day such a "memorable" one eh? =p
oh yah. as for this saturday, i'll be working at corporation primary school (never heard of it before eh?) with meifang! (thank God there's someone to accompany me this time round although today wasn't that bad after all)
and if i'm not wrong, corporation primary school is at jurong. (maybe we heh. but luckily julia will be picking us up somewhere and we'll be zooming down together. yay.
oh by the way, tomorrow's my class barbeque! *grins*
it's been a really long time since i last went for a bbq. heh.
*looking forward*

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Monday, November 15, 2004

a life less extraordinary.

didn't blog for a few days. oops.
had no idea what i've been doing for the past few days.
basically... nothing!
it's the holidays, and as usual i've got no mood to study at all.
all i want to do is to relax myself, give myself a huge long break!
but from the start of the holidays till now, i realised i've not done much at all.
i'm just spending most of my time either in front of the tv set or computer. (like now)
i have not done anything CONSTRUCTIVE at all! >.<
oh. but i've worked! heh. maybe thats something constructive after all.
by the way, i'll be working tomorrow at st. hildas secondary school.
and i think i'm gonna walk my way there since it's so near my home.
quite excited for tomorrow's job but a lil' worried at the same time too.
yuting will be going to taiwan on the 20th nov. and this means i'll be alone tomorrow!
boo hoo hoo.
just hope there won't be HUGE CROWDS.
hopefully... the people will just come a few at a time. =p
and i think my whole family from my mom's side is going for some thai buffet tonight.
bleah. just how much weight am i gonna put on this holidays?
never mind about this. i have to get some maths done afterwards!
discipline, discipline, discipline!

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Friday, November 12, 2004


sometimes it seems so hard to let go of something you thought you've got hold of.

but there are too many choices in this world.

we can't always have the best of all things ALL THE TIME.

that's why some people end up full of regrets.

i don't wanna be one of those.

i want to make the perfect choice, the perfect solution.

but, i need to clear my mind from all thoughts.

i have to free my mind.

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P. I. G

just came home after 4 hours long of buffet dinner at plaza parkroyal hotel with my entire family from my mom's side.
it wasn't the typical type of buffet whereby everyone gets up at the same time to grab food from different areas, it's an a la carte buffet where we'll order the different dishes for the "first round" from the given menu, and when we're finishing with that round, we'll just order another round of dishes and this goes on...
i don't remember how many rounds we ate. heh.
i just remembered i ate 4 different kinds of desserts.
P I G.
my uncles and aunties said they want more of such dinners for the next few weekends.
no way. i'll put on a few more kilos within the month.
anyways, let's talk about my shopping trip with meifang and fiona today! *grins*
enjoyed myself very much.
as usual, this is all thanks to meifang's constant "entertainment" and fiona's non-stop giggling and grinning. heh.
and i bought my adidas cap today!!! so happy! looked for it at queensway but couldn't find it anywhere.
the shops probably don't have the habits of selling caps i guess.
everywhere i walk, i see shoes, shoes and more shoes. bleah.
after going through all those shops at queensway shopping centre, we walked up to ikea and i bought quite a no. of things! yay. =p
and after ikea, we went to city hall, then proceeding to suntec!
and best of all, i found the adidas cap at the outlet in suntec! *cheers*
but meifang had to go all the way back to tampines to buy the hot pink nike cap.
my sis came down to city hall to meet me and we took a cab down to plaza parkroyal hotel for our dinner...
had quite a long day... but it was quite enjoyable. =p
going to bed now, still have guitar practice tomorrow!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Makin' IT

had a long night yesterday. all the way till 3am. yea.
was actually helping my sis with her model (she studies architecture by the way, which explains for the "model") and it was due submission today at 3pm.
did a whole night long of cutting of boards and drawing of ___cm x 1.5cm of rectanglular boards.
i woke up at 12 noon today and i was woken up by my mom who asked me to give her a hand in gluing parts of the model together.
and after i washed up, i was rushing the model with my sis and my mom all the way till 2.20pm when my sis had to prepare to leave home to hail a cab to school. heh.
anyways, the moral of this is not to take the course: Architecture in university!
it takes up too much time, energy, effort and sleeping time.
have to prepare myself for another long practice of guitar tomorrow again.
hope everything goes well!
gonna turn in soon. still kinda tired.

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Monday, November 08, 2004


just got home from guitar practice.
my fingers on my left hand had turned red from all the "bar-ring" of chords.
but it was indeed worth it cuz my sectional members managed to learn quite alot of the piece today! *cheers*
should be able to complete the entire El Choclo (think it's spelt this way) within a few practices.
anyways, i feel kinda sick staying at home doing nothing.
hope there's many more working days coming along!
working makes me excited and energetic!
and i really like the different ladies there. hehe.
hmm. maybe i should drop a message to yolande asking her whether she's sending me my schedule soon. *can't wait*

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Sunday, November 07, 2004


hmm. everything worked out fine after all.
he won't force me anymore (he said).
am i pleased with the situation now?
or am i simply relieved that the "worst" is at least over (for now)?
do i want to continue like this?
or do i just want to lead the life i want without thinking so much?
am i running away again?
or am i simply accepting things the way it is now?
so many questions, yet so little answers.
never mind.
oh ya. went for work at park view primary again yesterday.
me and yuting were late cuz we board the wrong bus! (Yes. Again.)
heh. and i was so touched when the driver for the wrong bus we took told the uncle (the driver for the "right bus" we're gonna take) that we had took the wrong bus and we don't need to tap our EZ-Link!
i couldn't believe that such warmth is still in existence in Singapore.
but anyways, we seemed to be "paid to read" yesterday.
there were not many customers yesterday, just around 14 or so and when there were no customers, we sat around, walked around, fooled around, and lastly, took out our storybooks to read. hehe. and we knocked off at 1pm sharp!
the worst thing is we got our salary yesterday as well and i spent $16 on a top already.
and not forgetting the amount of food we bought... goodness. this cannot go on!
i have to be more disciplined on money matters.
*tsk tsk*

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Saturday, November 06, 2004


i'm on the verge of breaking down...
i've not felt like this before for the past 17 years.
i've always thought i could handle things well,
even if it's affairs of the heart.
but now, i know i'm defeated.
i don't know what i want.
i cried myself to sleep last night but i still had no answers.
i don't want to end up in regrets.
i don't want to be accused of being indecisive.
i don't want to hurt anyone.
i want to find a perfect solution that will leave everyone happy.
can anyone tell me what it is?
i no longer can search my brain for answers.
i feel like running away from everything.
i don't want to face up to reality.
but yet, i do not want to be seen as a coward.
this is hard, but i know i have to do something.
and i hope i'll be enlightened soon.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rainy Day

feel like i'm a p-i-g (as what meifang said.) for these few days...
slept all the way till 12 noon without fail.
heh. and after i woke up, i'd just eat my breakfast cum lunch (otherwise known as brunch.) then settle myself in front of the computer or tv.
as for today, i've been staring at this screen since i woke up.
anyways, enough of all this crap.
have to go to school tomorrow at 11.45am for pw closure. YAY! it's really gonna be outta my life for good. *cheerios*
anyways, the joolian lady wanted me to get two friends to work as they are short-handed i think. i asked meifang and huiyun. and i had a hard time trying to settle huiyun. heh. not that she was really troublesome or what, to put it simply, i don't really have much confidence in her as compared to the past anymore. she seems to be so ever-busy with her council work. heh.
i doubt she'll be reading this. she's probably busy looking through other people's blog instead. never mind.
oh yah. zx taught me how to download games/movies/songs/whatever for free online today! can't wait for my first download to be finished. *grins*

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


hmm. didn't do much today. in other words, i rotted. heh.
oh yah. yolande msged me about me working on this saturday with yuting at park view primary again!!! *grins*
can't wait!!! haha. if only i were available on friday as well... then i can go down to broadrick secondary with yuting!
but it's ok i guess... when yuting is away in faraway taiwan, i can make myself useful and work hard? yea.
anyways, went down to the park to run 6 rounds today. pretty satisfied with myself cuz it has been quite sometime since i last ran. (oh yea. this reminds me of the 20 rounds my class girls were punished to run two weeks or so before promos? heh.)
today was a pretty good start. i must persevere!!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


wheeeee! went shopping with meifang today at bugis!
realised how long i've not shopped after my exams.
had a fun fun time with meifang trying on clothes, walking up and down looking for that one pathetic flight of stairs and going in and out of Topshop thrice without feeling embarrassed at all. Heh.
anyways, saw quite a few things that i wanna buy.
- an army green belt from 77th street
- a dark coloured polo tee
- a FOX tee
- a freshbox tee
ok. i know. i'm like only earning $35 per day from work and i seem to wanna spend them all.
oh yea. bought a dirty pink Topshop jacket with meifang! (she bought the black one though. =p) besides that, i also bought a so-called Balance Ball which is actually made up of 5 metal balls tied with fish line and it works like a pendulum or something like that ya? u just let go one of the 5 balls then it will hit the other ball next to it and the last ball will get pushed outwards and it just goes on and on? heh. me n meifang were looking for this desperately all around bugis street and we thought none of the shops had it. luckily, as we were turning back, we went to a shop and asked and they have it!!!! *phew* haha.
oh. forgot the most important thing that happened today. pw's outta my life for good.
pw's history. period.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Accidentally In Love

So she said what's the problem baby
What's the problem I don't know
Well maybe I'm in love (love)
Think about it every time
I think about it
Can't stop thinking 'bout it
How much longer will it take to cure this
Just to cure it cause I can't ignore it if it's love (love)
Makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don't know nothing 'bout love
Come on, come on
Turn a little faster
Come on, come on
The world will follow after
Come on, come on
Cause everybody's after love
So I said I'm a snowball running
Running down into the spring that's coming all this love
Melting under blue skies
Belting out sunlight
Shimmering love
Well baby I surrender
To the strawberry ice cream
Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it
But there's no escaping your love
These lines of lightning
Mean we're never alone,
Never alone, no, no
Come on, Come on
Move a little closer
Come on, Come on
I want to hear you whisper
Come on, Come on
Settle down inside my love
Come on, come on
Jump a little higher
Come on, come on
If you feel a little lighter
Come on, come on
We were once
Upon a time in love
We're accidentally in love
Accidentally in love (x7)
I'm In Love, I'm in Love,
I'm in Love, I'm in Love,
I'm in Love, I'm in Love,
Accidentally (X 2)
Come on, come on
Spin a little tighter
Come on, come on
And the world's a little brighter
Come on, come on
Just get yourself inside her
Love... I'm in love

no idea why i kept listening to this song the whole day...

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What's wrong with ME?

think i pms-ed today. had a black black face when i reached school for pw today. think zx freaked out. heh. have no idea what's wrong with myself. sigh. rained while i was about to go home and zx insisted on sending me till the bus-stop which i'll be alighting. seeing him walk away just now really made me feel guilty. =( and dear was really nice to come fetch me home with an umbrella! hehe
tomorrow's the day for my oral presentation. really can't wait for it to be over!
after tomorrow, i probably won't pms so much again. heh. *crosses fingers* anyways, think ym knows i was pissed at him today. (cuz i just walked away suddenly without saying anything or even looking back.) hmmm. am i mean or what? but, who cares? i don't give a damn about him.
woohoo. have something to look forward to! gonna catch the Doll Master with fiona (too bad my qing ai de can't go) after my pw tomorrow! and i think we're gonna do some shopping and taking of photos as well!!! haven't did such things for quite awhile after the exams... *excited*
oh yea. still considering whether i should take the SAT test with mf. hmm. till now, i'm still not sure what i'd wanna study in university 2 years later. heh. it's still early to ponder over it i guess.
suddenly realised that time has passed really quickly for this whole year! just 1 year ago, i was still slogging so hard for my o's and now, i'm done with my promos and moving on to year 2 next year! amazing eh? since young, i've never imagined myself coming so far before. yea. sounds corny huh? but seriously, i really never thought i'd grow up so fast. and sometimes just the thought of me entering the working stage just scares me.
maybe i'm thinking too much. ok, have to finish my speech for tomorrow! ciao.

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